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Sending mail has never been so easy. Choose from the following options:

The Docsaway API

For bulk mail senders our API makes automated letter generation and mailing via a global network easy.

Our restful API toolset along with our comprehensive documentation, sample code and helpful technical support will ensure your business is quickly sending mail.

✓ Suitable for bulk mail

✓ Best prices

✓ Supports system integration

✓ Create fully automated mailing solutions

✓ PDF document support

✓ Test platform available

✓ Maximum of 40 pages per document

Docsaway Lite

Either type a basic text letter or upload a PDF document via a web browser and make a one time payment for the service used.

✓ Suitable for occasional letters

✓ Type a basic text letter

✓ Upload a PDF for mailing

✓ No account or login required

✓ Letter automatically routed

✓ Maximum of 3 pages per document

✓ £2.50 single letter surcharge

The Docsaway Account

The Docsaway account provides access to our complete range of services. Opening an account allows you to try the platform without the need to add any money. No letters are mailed until you choose to add funds to your account.

✓ Upload PDF documents for mailing

✓ Choose locations used for mailing

✓ View details of all sent documents

✓ Access to SOAP/REST API’s

✓ Access to email to letter service

✓ Access to user guides

✓ Best prices

✓ Payment deducted from account balance

✓ Maximum of 40 pages per document

We print and post mail from 21 worldwide locations so our letters can arrive over 400% faster when compared to traditional airmail.


Brazil, Sorocaba

Canada, British Columbia

United States, Oklahoma


Hong Kong, Causeway Bay

India, Girgaum

Philippines, Batangas

Singapore, Singapore


Australia, Perth

Australia, Sydney

New Zealand, Te Awamutu

Europe & Africa

Czech Republic, Neratovice

Ukraine, Odessa

Ireland, Tralee

Netherlands, Groningen

Portugal, Lisbon

South Africa, Cape Town

Spain, Guardamar Del Segura

Switzerland, Bättwil- Flüh

United Kingdom, Leicester

United Kingdom, Northampton

Our core features

Email to Letter Service

We provide a unique email address for each of your recipients. Send an email with a PDF attachment to the unique email address and we’ll print and mail it.

Awesome API Toolset

Our restful API toolset along with our comprehensive documentation, sample code and helpful technical support makes integrating with Docsaway easy for developers.

WHMCS Integration

WHMCS is the preferred billing and automation software for web hosting businesses. Our plugin enables users to automate the mailing of invoices, perform address verification and mail customers.

Invoice Mailing Automation

Docsaway is frequently used for the mailing of invoices. Users either use our API toolset to forward invoices in PDF form for mailing or, smaller users adopt our Email to Letter service to automate this frequent task.

100% Translatable

Our service is UTF8 compatible. This means we can support the typefaces for the languages you write in.

Signed For

If you are sending an important  letter and need proof of delivery – including a signature from the receiver –  our signed for service will be of interest. Currently ‘Signed For’ letters are only mailed from the UK with additional countries being added as demand requires.

Custom Solutions

Docsaway is a flexible platform that can meet the needs of most customers immediately. However, the Docsaway team is always happy to review proposals from businesses requiring a more custom approach. Please get in touch.

Address Verification

Docsaway is frequently used by businesses that wish to meet ‘Know Your Customer (KYC)’ and Money Laundering legislative requirements. Sending a letter to a physical address can represent a key component to confirming customers live where they say they live and is available on a global basis.

Global Fulfilment

Docsaway offers a cost effective fulfilment solution for small-medium sized businesses, e-tailers and entrepreneurs. Through our powerful API toolset, fulfilment can become automated and fast through our multiple distribution points.

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